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Winter 2019

Hi All
Time to give you some updates.  We have been busy upgrading gear, tidying up and refining our processes. We are lucky to have had the support of existing clients and the growing support of new ones. Our contract green waste rates, introduction of loyalty cards, reduced delivery rates and friendly helpful service seems to be rewarded. Thankyou.  Our team have a clear focus on as quick as possible service, product education and focus on the importance of reducing landfill waste and recycling. The past 12 months we have taken in over 2800mt of green waste which is now happily composting away organically. This two-plus year process produces the best natural organic compost your garden can get hold of.  Remember we are here 7 days a week so the Mon to Fri workers can drop off green waste and pick compost Sat /Sun also.  When its hot mulch helps retain moisture and provide valuable nutrients that are needed at this time.
Here's our pre-spring advice:

For your vegetable garden, blend in our famous Greenwaste Compost to prevent the soil compacting and making it difficult for water and air to move through.  Begin sprouting seed potatoes for planting next month.  You can also plant beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, celery, coriander, kale, mizuna, silverbeet, spinach and, of course(!), parsley, sage rosemary, and thyme.

In the flower garden, August is the time for a final pre-spring tidy up – trim the hedges and clip the edges.  You can plant azaleas, bellis, calendula, clematis, crocus, gladiola, roses, hebes, lavender,  paper daisies, nemesia,  rhododendrons and violas.

Fruit-wise, all deciduous trees can be planted successfully in July, August and September while the plants remain dormant, and the widest selection will be available in the stores now.  You can also plant berryfruits now – check what’s available in the garden centres..

Remember, mulch will keep the moisture in and weeds out.  We have it in stock as well as graded bark if that's your preference.  Lastly, freshly screened compost and lawnpost is always ready to go.




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