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Greenwaste To Zero will turn your green waste in to beautiful, rich, locally made compost. Our 'open windrow' composting system means no harmful toxic emissions such as methane (greenhouse gases) are produced.

Rates start from $12 per wool sack/fadge or small boot load, and $25/m3 for green waste. We cannot take any type of soil or hard fill.  We cannot take flax, an option for flax is cutting it up to 300mm lengths and then it can be added to your green waste for no extra charge .  If any green waste has been pulled out by a digger it will probably be too big for our machinery so we won't be able to accept it.  Cabbage tree leaves, palm fronds, toi toi, etc are all fine and is considered general green waste, so you won't get charged more for it and it doesn't need to be separated.  Please note the fees do apply, it is not a free drop off facility. 

We do not accept stumps/root balls or any kind of timber (pallets, old trellis, decking, fencing, etc).  We also do not accept plastic (including vege plant pots and labels etc), steel, glass, bottles and cans, weed matting.  Please have these removed from your green waste before you come down.


  • An extra fee will apply for contaminated green waste (rubbish and non-compliant materials), $35 administration fee plus disposal.
  • A drive off fee of $35 administration costs plus green waste will apply if we have to track your details and send you an invoice for not paying.
  • An after hours fee of  $50 will be charged if you do not allow time for unloading your green waste at the end of the day, this being 5pm.  You must arrive at least 15 minutes prior to closing to avoid being charged.

We can deliver our product to your place with our tipper truck.  The minimum quantity we will deliver is 2.5m3, with a maximum of 6m3 for compost and lawnpost, 6.5m3 of barks and mulches, 2.5m3 of stone and 2m3 of gravels.  If you would like us to do this, just give us a call.  Please note, if you give our driver instructions on where you would like it tipped and something goes wrong (damages or getting stuck etc), any costs incurred will be at your expense.




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