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Garden Supplies

Are you searching for gardening supplies such as mulch or compost?  Greenwaste To Zero is here to help.

Browse our selection of recycled garden products to find what your garden needs.  We sell eco-friendly products such as garden compost and soil. Seasoned mulch for suppressing weeds while feeding the soil as it slowly composts.  Whether you are a green thumb or new to gardening you will find the right garden and  lawn  growing mediums here at Greenwaste To Zero.


Mulch Bank WP-593Mulch

Mulch suppresses the weeds and retains soil moisture.  It encourages worms
so is a super addition to your gardens.  Mulch clings to sloping areas and is great
on banks.  It will not leach the nutrients out of your soil.  As it slowly breaks down
it will feed your garden unlike bark that uses up nutrients as soon as it's laid.
$6 per bag
$15 per scoop
We can deliver, hire trailers available

Compost Pot WP-542
Our organically produced compost is of superior quality.  With nothing added, including bark, dyes, fertilisers or fillers, our compost is 100% full of nothing but goodness and nutrients for your plants.  It is dry and weed free.
$32 per scoop
We can deliver, hire trailers available
topsoil 2-161     

Top Soil
Dry, screened top soil available.  A great base for lawns and gardens. 
$25 per scoop.
We can deliver, hire trailers available

Lawnpost is a special extra fine lawn compost used for lawn establishment
and maintenance. Its high nitrogen content will encourage lush growth.  Dry and weed free. 
$12 per bag
$36 per scoop
We can deliver, hire trailers available
Pea Straw-874-541-594
Pea Straw
Used as mulch in gardens and also boosts the nitrogen levels in your soil
as it breaks down.  It is great for moisture retention, encouraging worms
and a soil conditioner.
$15 per bale
Forest Floor (2)-905

Forest Fresh Mulch Bark
Popular for large areas. Wind resistant
Ideal for sloping areas, a weed
suppressant and great for moisture retention.
Recommended depth 100mm
$18 per scoop
We can deliver, hire trailers available
Bark Nuggets-555

Bark Nuggets
A popular choice for a variety of applications.
Encourages microbial and worm activity.  Helps
retain moisture and keep soil at an even
temperature year round, thus protecting the root
system.  Helps suppress weeds.
$35 per scoop
We can deliver, hire trailers available

Rough Bark
A blend of bark nuggets, fines, and my contain
some stone. Perfect for large areas as very economic.
Darker in colour, almost black. Makes great mulch.
$15 per scoop
We can deliver, hire trailers available
Empty trailer-186-62

Trailer Hire
We have trailers available for our customers to hire for a small charge of $6.  There is a
variety of sizes to choose from.


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