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Garden Supplies

 Our latest item.  Gardening mulching Gloves. The right hand has claws for spreading our Mulch or compost . Handy for stirring up soil containing weeds .. and at only $10 per pair ...Great Xmas present  ....
Mulching Gloves-520
Are you searching for gardening supplies such as mulch or compost?  Greenwaste  Zero 2017 Ltd is here to help.

Browse our selection of recycled garden products to find what your garden needs.  We sell eco-friendly products such as garden compost and soil. Seasoned Mulch for suppressing weeds while feeding the soil as it slowly composts ..  Whether you are a green thumb or new to gardening you will find the right garden and  lawn  growing mediums here at Greenwaste  Zero 2017 Ltd

Garden Mulch
Mulch Bank WP
Mulch suppresses the weeds and retains soil moisture. It encourages earthworms so is a super addition to your gardens.  Mulch clings to sloping areas and is great placed on banks.  It will not leach the nutrients out of your soil.  As mulch slowly breaks down over the years, will feed your garden - unlike bark that uses up nutrients as soon as it's laid.

Organically Produced Compost
Available in bag or bulk (courtesy trailer)Compost Pot WP
This is the supreme growing media
and your gardens will love you for this!
see our information page for more details
topsoil WP      Dry, screened or unscreened Topsoil Available.


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