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We would like to provide a testimonal to Greenwaste to Zero, as we have used their product over a number of years, both in our commercial pipfruit orchard and in our domestic gardens.

We initially chose this product as it is the only truly composted bulk organic material available. It does not rely on a pine bark base and artificial agents for decomposition.

Analysis showed that this product had the best ph for our application.

We have used approximately 350 cubic metres spread by commercial compost spreading equipment, with the assistance of Keith Lindup Contractors. The material spread reasonably evenly, as it was provided in a dry state and well screened ex Greenwaste's bulk store.

The material was applied at approximately 75ml thickness, band spread under pip fruit trees. It provided a very successful weed mulch for two seasons, and then became incorporated into the soil structure. We have noticed a consistent improvement in soil structure, earthworm activity and cation exchange capacity over this period.

Tree health is now considerably improved. Our orchard was in the second cycle of apples, and needed assistance to overcome the effects of apple replant syndrome.

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My name is Haydon Kelling owner/operator of GARDEN WORX which entails garden maintenance and light landscaping.

Since being in business for the past 6 years I have tried many different brands of compost that are available through garden centres, nurseries and garden suppliers but none have come close to the quality and price of the product that GREENWASTE TO ZERO can provide.

Good compost is highly beneficial for gardens, flower beds, pots, shrubs, trees and lawns and also good for breaking up hard soil and even clay. What makes great compost is the purity of the product. This means having no sticks, bark or any foreign material in the compost. GREENWASTE TO ZERO goes to great lengths to ensure this, by mulching all greenwaste and then allowing the product to breakdown naturally.

After using their compost I have found that all plants etc grow quickly and are very healthy with good root structures. A great advantage is that you do not need to fertilise for the first year as the compost has enough food in it to sustain the plant. It also has great water retention.

Lawns also love a light feed once a year, vegetables can be planted directly into the compost with no fear of burning.

GREENWASTE TO ZERO is a locally owned company providing a local product and is the only compost I use and would recommend.



We have used Greenwaste to Zero compost as mulch on the rose beds at Broadgreen and in the bedding displays in horticultural parks with excellent results. We will continue to use it as an important aid in our planting programme.

Steve Wilkens
Nelmac Horticulture
I have been a garden landscaper for 14 years and Greenwaste to Zero's compost is the best compost I have ever used hands down. It is 100% pure organic matter, composted properly at high temperatures in huge piles for at least 18 months, so all the diseases and weed seeds are killed. Unlike bagged compost from the hardware store, there is no bark or sawdust added to bulk it up. It is 100% goodness for your garden.

One of the best things about the compost is that after it is screened, it is stored inside in a big shed - meaning it stays weed free (no wind or birds dropping seeds) and it stays lovely and dry so I can always get some nice compost even if it's been raining for days.

Whenever I have this compost on my truck or I am spreading it on a garden I get heaps of comments from passers-by saying 'wow that looks like lovely soil' and asking where I get it. And if I have added it to a customer's garden, they come back to me months later asking 'what did you add to my garden, everything is growing so well'.

It is the best fertiliser money can buy. 100% natural.

Kate Krawscyk, Head Gardener, Oakwoods


We have been using Greenwaste to Zero as a supplier for the last eight years.

They provide a great service and great products. We especially like their nutritious compost, which is the only compost we use to make garden and vegetable beds.

Clients say they have never had vegetables grow so well.

Sally and Duncan Gordon
Blooming Good Gardens Ltd




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