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Landscape Supplies

Are you a landscaper in the Nelson area looking for organic supplies? Look no further! At Greenwaste To Zero we offer a range of organic and recycled landscaping supplies Nelson & Richmond wide. Choose from a wide range of recycled products, including organic compost, lawnpost and topsoil that Nelson gardens deserve. We  also now supply screened sized bark, Forest Floor mulch and aged mulch. 
Delivery is available for bulk orders of our products. 
River Stone 20mm-280 River Stone 13-19mm
Decorative stone for pathways and
feature gardens.
$80 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
River Stone 40mm-65 River stone 20-40mm
Larger decorative stone for stunning
feature rock gardens. Mix with smaller 
rounds for extra effect
$80 per scoop  (1/2 cubic metre)              
White Ice 10mm-759 White Ice 10mm
Very pretty sparkly white stone chip.  Perfect for paths as will
compact down tightly and won't move or create powder,
great for walking on in bare feet.  Makes stunning paths 
throughout your garden.
$95 per scoop  (1/2 cubic metre)
White Ice 20mm-865 White Ice 20mm
Very striking white stone chip.  Sparkles in the
sunlight.  Will keep its brilliant white colour and looks
stunning in gardens to highlight and accentuate
$95 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
Blue chip-184 Blue Chip 8-20mm
Very pretty blue stone chip.  Mixed colours of
blue, grey, white and caramel. Makes lovely paths 
throughout your garden.  Use in contrast with the 
larger chip to add impact
$55 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)  
blue chip large-978 Blue Chip 20-40mm
Very pretty larger blue stone chip.  Reasonably
priced stone that adds a stunning backdrop to your
plants adding depth, colour and contrast.
$55 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
Forest Floor-350 Forest Fresh Mulch Bark
Popular for large areas. Wind resistant
and ideal for sloping areas, a weed
suppressant and great for moisture
Recommended depth 100mm.
$34 per scoop  (1/2 cubic metre)
Empty trailer-186-912-229 Trailer Hire
We have trailers available for our customers to hire for a small charge of $6.  There is a variety of sizes to choose from.



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