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Compost Grow WP-825 Organically produced Compost
For more information on organic compost visit our Garden Supplies page.
Compost Pot WP-658
Mulch Bank WP-160 Garden Mulch
For more information on organic garden mulch visit our Garden Supplies page.
Mulch Garden WP-897
For more information on our organic topsoil visit our Garden Supplies page
topsoil 2-161
Shale WP-98-145

Decorative Rock
For more information on Decorative Rock visit our Landscape Supplies page

Pea Straw
For more information on our pea straw visit our Garden Supplies page
Pea Straw-874-541-832

For more information on our organic lawnpost visit our  Garden Supplies page

Aggregate ideal for driveways, paths and roading.
Has great binding qualities.
$38 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
crusher dust-199

Crusher Dust
This highly compacting, well draining material is ideal as a base layer for
pavers.  It compacts tightly forming a base that is ideal for walking on.  Also
used as driveway foundations and under concrete pads.
$38 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)

A builders mix ideal for concrete, making a strong bond.
Consisting of fines with 20mm stone. 
$46 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
Sleepers Photo-730-715-740

These NZ railway 'used' sleepers are perfect for edging, retaining walls and posts. Can be cut and modified easily. 
Classic rustic look. Durability up to 25 years.  Two types available, pine and hardwood.  The hardwood are untreated 
so perfect for vege gardens.
2100x210x160mm approx
$70 each Pine
$98 each Hardwood
Empty trailer-186-640

Trailer Hire
We have trailers available for our customers to hire for a small charge of $6.  There is a variety of sizes to choose from.


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