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Compost Grow WP-825 Organically produced Compost
For more information on organic compost visit our Garden Supplies page.
Compost Pot WP-658
Mulch Bank WP-160 Garden Mulch
For more information on organic garden mulch visit our Garden Supplies page.
Mulch Garden WP-897
For more information on our organic topsoil visit our Garden Supplies page
topsoil 2-161
Shale WP-98-145

Decorative Rock
For more information on Decorative Rock visit our Landscape Supplies page

Pea Straw
For more information on our pea straw visit our Garden Supplies page
Pea Straw-874-541-832

For more information on our organic lawnpost visit our  Garden Supplies page

Aggregate ideal for driveways, paths and roading.
Has great binding qualities.
$45 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
crusher dust-199

Crusher Dust
This highly compacting, well draining material is ideal as a base layer for
pavers.  It compacts tightly forming a base that is ideal for walking on.  Also
used as driveway foundations and under concrete pads.
$45 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)

A builders mix ideal for concrete, making a strong bond.
Consisting of fines with 20mm stone. 
$64 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
pea metal-304-771

Pea Metal
A popular alternative covering for driveways, or as a decorative surface in gardens and borders
Ideal for drainage and filtration.  Long lasting and hard wearing.
$30 per scoop (1/2 cubic metre)
Sleepers Photo-730-715-740-954-912-693-767

Base Coarse
Aggregate used as a base for driveways, pathways etc.  A mix of up to 30mm stone with fines.  Locks in and compacts firmly.
$45 per scoop

Pine sleepers 2100mm x 160mm x 210mm.  Look great for edging garden beds. 
Easy to cut to length.  Treated. 
$80 each
Sleepers Photo-730-799
Empty trailer-186-640

Trailer Hire
We have trailers available for our customers to hire for a small charge of $6.  There is a variety of sizes to choose from.


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